Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Making Social Networks Social

With the tip of a hat to my friend Swaroop, I bring you a fantastic article about being engaged in social media.  Though aimed at a more business and commerce audience, the same principles apply to individuals too.

The quick highlights:

  1. Post links to outside resources. Show that you can provide some value by sharing resources you have found with your audience.
  2. Retweet worthy tweets. When you find a gem in the Twitt-o-sphere, share it. You bring value to your followers and honor the original tweeter.
  3. Have a conversation. When people leave comments on your Facebook wall, respond.
  4. Jump into conversations. Find a place to have make regular input, like a particular group in LinkedIn.
  5. Say something interesting. Don't be a me-former, who talks only about themselves.  Be an in-former, who elevates the conversation.

Read the entire article here.  It's a nice quick read.

Your thoughts? Throw a comment in here, and we will have a conversation (See Point #3).