Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Let It Snow...with Google

Search and Cloud Computing Giant Google is famous for its slew of hidden features, known as “Easter Eggs,” as they are not-so-well hidden and tend to bring a smile when discovered. From Gravity dropping everything to the floor to Sphere creating a rotating circle of links, Google has endeavored to bring fun to the otherwise tedious task of finding something online.
This Holiday season is no different, with a few seasonal twists recently added to Google Search.
In your Firefox or Google Chrome browser, visit Google’s Search page and perform a search of the words Let it snow to see a cascade of snow fall from the top of the browser window, rapidly filling up (and fogging up) your display. The effect is most prominent if you go full screen (typically F11 on your PC keyboard - you’ll have to manually zoom on a Mac.)
Use your mouse to wipe the snow away, or wait for your screen to become obscured enough for a Defrost button to appear, clearing it all up. Having just moved away from Michigan in search of warmer weather, this is really as close as I intend to get to snow this year.

Performing a search for Hanukkah will provide a nice string of Stars of David to decorate your search results. Try out Santa Claus or Christmas Lights to get an old-fashioned string of lights instead. These low-tech options should work on all browsers.