Friday, November 23, 2012

LinkedIn Endorsements

On LinkedIn, you have many smart, talented, and skilled professional connections. In September 2012, Endorsements made their debut onto the LinkedIn platform. Endorsements are a new feature that makes it easier to recognize LinkedIn users for their skills and expertise. With just one click, you can now endorse your connections for a skill they have listed on their profile or recommend one they have not added yet.

Do you think your connection is great at programming or project management or selling? Let them know!
More importantly, let them know with an Endorsement, so everyone else will know too!
This is how you can make a LinkedIn Endorsement. This is truly easy!

  • Scroll down a LinkedIn connection’s profile, you will see the Skills & Expertise section for that LinkedIn user.
  • To endorse, simply click on the skill (shaded in gray) you intend to endorse. That's it!
  • You can suggest additional skills as well, and LinkedIn will often suggest one or two skills for which you can be the first to offer an Endorsement.
Here is what my Endorsement section looks like. This shows me--and more importantly shows any LinkedIn viewers--a quick snapshot of what OTHERS think I am good at. When a recruiter or hiring manager stumbles by this page, I have a ready-to-go assembly of networked contacts confirming my skills.

This is powerful stuff!

Do you need or want practice? Just click on the image and you will be at my profile.

Want to see who has endorsed you? LinkedIn will notify you via email and on LinkedIn whenever you are endorsed. You can scroll to the bottom of your profile page under Skills & Expertise to see the faces of people who think you are great at what you do. You can also accept any new skills recommended by your peers that you may not have thought to include on your profile.

Here is a fantastic video explaining how to endorse your LinkedIn connections from Marc Miller at Career Pivot. Marc knows the value of this LinkedIn feature. Stop by his website at or send him a thank you tweet at @careerpivot. I know he will appreciate it.

So go Endorse, my friends. It will improve your connectivity to your network, and unquestionably help out others too.