Sunday, January 15, 2012

Help...Facebook is drowning me with e-mail...

Is Facebook drowning you in e-mail? Do you get notifications for everything happening to you on Facebook, and you need it to stop? Here is how...

By default, Facebook's settings do tend to leave you with a tremendous number of triggers which can result in e-mail messages to you. To reduce (or even eliminate) the number of reasons Facebook sends you e-mail messages:

  1. Click the down arrow/triangle to the right of your name and the word Home at the top of your Facebook page. This will be in the blue bar across the top of most any page in Facebook.
  2. From the small menu that appears, click Account Settings.
  3. Near the top left corner of the screen, click Notifications.
  4. Scroll down to the All Notifications section.
  5. You will see sections for Facebook, Photos, Groups, etc. Each section has a Edit link on the right end. Click Edit for any section.
  6. Within these sections are all the triggers for which Facebook could send you an e-mail message. Uncheck the boxes down the right for anything you would rather not get a separate e-mail about. When you are done with one section, just click Edit on the next to continue unchecking.

That's it! The more boxes you uncheck, the fewer e-mails you should get from Facebook.

Not to worry though...Facebook will still let you know of new updates, Friend requests and the like using the icons near the upper left corner of the Facebook page. You just won't get separate e-mails for all of this too.

I personally have turned off virtually all Facebook notifications via e-mail. Facebook already saps a bit too much of my time (which is my own shortcoming, not Facebook's). Nice way to stem that avalanche of email coming from Facebook, time you could spend connecting instead of reading about connecting.