Sunday, October 16, 2011

Removing Farmville (and other) Updates from Your Facebook Feed

You love your Facebook friends.  You don't love their updates from Farmville and all the other games.  So how do you suppress the Facebook updates related to the games without suppressing all the other "real" updates coming from your friends?  Just hide the application.  And you can do it!

You have to get Facebook to show you a menu that isn't always obvious.  (Thanks, you're acting like the rest of my life.)  

  • To access this menu, place your mouse near the thin gray line that borders the top of the post you want to screen out, then head to the right end of that line.
  • A small down-arrow will appear in a rectangle.  Click this down-arrow.
  • A submenu will appear which has several options.
  • On the submenu--typically near the bottom--will be an option to Hide everything from that application.
  • Presto!  Facebook will then intelligently screen out updates from that application for all your friends.
You should only need to do this once per application and Facebook will screen out updates for all your friends.  In other words, you do not have to do this for each friend.  And great news...the rest of your updates from those same friends will still appear.  Now you can learn about their farm without learning about their Farmville.  Cool, eh?