Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Windows Key

The Windows Key: It is on most keyboards.  It looks like an additional big of underhanded marketing from Microsoft hawking its software, and it is.  But it also provides a potentially shortar path to a bunch of Windows tasks you probably perform every day.  Those of you who relish using the keyboard will love this one for quick keyboard shortcuts.  Here are some of the shortcuts the Windows key will help you with.

  • Win + L to lock the desktop.  This is an easy time saver.  Instead of going through Ctrl+Alt+Del and then clicking Lock Workstation, just use Win + L and your workstation will immediately lock in one keystroke.
  • Win + D to show the desktop.  Using Win + D a second time will restore all programs.
  • Win + E to open Windows Explorer.  (Note: That will open Windows Explorer, not Internet Explorer)
  • Win + F to open Windows Search. (Think of the word Find.)
  • Win + F1 to open Windows help.
  • Win + M to minimize all windows.
  • Win + R to open the Run dialog.
Play around with this one.  You might just find yourself enjoying the new tricks, and you are certain to wow your family and friends with your fantastic expertise.